Clinical Trials

We support clinical research by collaborating with sponsors on cutting edge therapies for multiple indications.


“We are a clinical research site that caters to our community by bringing cutting-edge therapies to our patients with unmet medical needs and diverse backgrounds.

Our principal investigators have private practices with established community ties. We recruit from our extensive database of research naïve patients in collaboration with our neighboring partner clinics

We are patient centered private practice and clinic with a focus on patient safety and data integrity.

Our mission is to partner with sponsors and CROs to speed up the process of getting safe and effective drugs on the market to save lives and improve the quality of life. We do this by exceeding enrollment goals, while maintaining data integrity and patient safety.

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By participating in clinical trials you are essentially helping yourself and others by helping the researchers come up with prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure for a new treatment or better existing treatment.


Conducting research is an incredible way for physicians to add an additional revenue stream as a principal investigator in addition to treating patients in their private practice.

Sponsors and CROs

We collaborate with sponsors and CROs to conduct clinical research for multiple indications.
Our PI’s have private practices and extensive patient databases.